Baby Basics

Your newborn instruction manual

Congratulations! You’re going to be a parent but unfortunately babies don’t come with instruction manuals. Or do they? In this 3 hour class, you will learn all about how to care for your newborn and stay healthy in the process. This class is ideal for parents in their last trimester of pregnancy or the first month after baby is here. You will receive hands on practice and lots of handouts to refer to if a question or problem arises, The class fee is $75 for mom and her partner. (birth partners are recommended but not required) Space is limited and a $20 deposit is required. To RSVP or with questions, please fill out our short pre-registration form.Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • standard newborn screening tests and normal newborn appearance
  • diapering and poo – what to expect and how to make things a littler easier
  • bathing – when and how
  • feeding – bottle vs breast*
  • holding and comforting – the 5 S’s – what are they and how can they help
  • SIDS – what is it and how to reduce the risks
  • postpartum care for mom
  • sleep – options and what will work the best for your family
  • babywearing
  • When (and who) to call for help
  • The partners role
  • Local resources and much more!!!

To register, please fill out our short pre-registration form here. 

Do these dates not work for you? Here are some options:

1.New! Create your own class! Do you have a group of friends due at a similar time as you? Would you like to schedule an Easy Birth Class at a time and place convenient to you? A minimum of three couples is required. If you bring together 4 couples, the host family will get their tuition at half price! If you bring together 5-6 couples, the host family will get their tuition at freeContact us for more information.

2. Schedule a private class. If these times or place just don’t work for you, or if you just have a crazy schedule, we also offer private classes where we come to you. Prices start at $300 (additional travel expenses may apply.)  Please call us to check availability!

Do you want to add to your education?

Here are a few other classes you might be interested in!

Cloth Diapering / Baby Wearing Combo

Have you ever wanted to learn more about cloth diapers and/or baby wearing.  Come out and find out what all the hype is about, what everyone is talking about, and meet other like minded parents and professionals. In this class we will talk about the basics or cloth diapers and baby wearing. We discuss the many pros (and the few cons) and how we can fit it into our modern lifestyle.

Dad's Toolbox for Birth

Birth partners can often feel left-out of the whole “baby birthing” process. This class is design just for you guys! In this three hour birth class we will learn how partners can help their woman before and during birth. This is a HAND’S ON class where will empower our birth partners to help mom feel good. Partners will leave class confident in their skills  to assist during birth and moms will learn to trust in their partners and themselves as they prepare for to give birth.

Atlanta Positive Parenting Support Group

As parents, we recognize that through supporting each other, we gain support for ourselves. Join us in this judgement free environment where you can give and get support for the many issues that face parents today.  Atlanta Positive Parenting Support Group is a free support group for parents who are looking for tools to raise confident children in a positive way while still meeting the needs of the whole family.

  • Please note that this is NOT a breast feeding class. We will cover some basics of breast feeding and bottle feeding but time does not permit an in depth discussion on the how-to’s of breastfeeding. If this is something you are interested in, please check out our Breastfeeding Made Easy class here.

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