Recently, our wonderful, local perinatologist, Dr. Brad Bootstaylor, created an “app” for all pregnant women. All pregnant women should ask these questions of their health care provider early in their relationship (if not before) to help determine the probability of having a safe, empowering, and life-enhancing vaginal birth. Dr. Brad shared that if your provider does not score a perfect 10, you should consider switching. For more information on Dr. Bootstaylor, please visit

“Duly Noted”
1. Does your Provider believe your pregnancy is normal, despite any co-existing medical problems that can be managed expectantly & safely?

2. Does your Provider believe you can go into spontaneous labor after the EDD (estimated date of delivery) while monitoring your pregnancy safely?

3. Does your Provider listen to you?

4. Does your Provider discuss your concerns with you like an adult?

5. Does your Provider encourage a “patient centered” approach to labor support (e.g. Doula, Childbirth Education, Breastfeeding)?

6. Does your Provider support “Birth Options”, despite some not being available at the facility of choice?

7. Does your Provider support and encourage VBAC, which is consistent with ACOG recommendations?

8. Do you feel comfortable and well informed after speaking with your Provider?

9. Does your family, friends, or acquaintances support your Birth Options?

10. At or near term, do you sense a “change” in your Provider’s temperament towards you?

Each “yes” answer = 10% and the probability of having a safe, empowering, and life-enhancing vaginal birth.

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