How to write a birth plan that will actually get read!

At Gentle Journeys Birthing, we are all about empowering through education. One of the most frequent questions we get is, "How do I write an effective birth plan?" Writing an effective birth plan can be easy and getting it read is a different story so we've got a few...

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Yummy Egg Frittata

One of the things we cover in my Hypnobabies childbirth classes in nutrition. Sometimes it can be very challenging to even know where to start. Pregnancy nutrition is a little different in that we want to make sure we are getting everything we need and not necessarily...

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March 2016 Classes and Events

Spring is almost here!!! If you are at all like me (and my household), you are really ready for spring! We may still have a few colds days ahead but hopefully, we will start seeing warmer temperatures and more sunshine. We've been busy preparing for spring so here's a...

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Hospital Birth Bag Packing List

Sometime packing a hospital birth bag can be overwhelming but it doesn't' need to be. Here is a short list of some items to consider and please don't feel like you need to pack everything on this list. Take what you like a leave the rest.  I recommend packing 2-3...

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Banana Bread Muffins

In the past, I have never wrote about food but I'm breaking with tradition today to bring you healthy (and yummy kid approved) Banana Bread muffins. In the past year and a half, I've started down a new road with food. Like many people, I've tried a LOT of diets and if...

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Sleep and Nighttime Parenting

For most new parents, the one thing they are told to look forward to is no sleep. With comments like, "you'll never sleep again" and "get ready, your life will never be the  same" (with the hands on the hips and an eye roll for good measure). Who would actually look...

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Atlanta Positive Parenting Support Group

Atlanta has a new parenting support group! Sometime parenting can be very challenging and sometimes our "friends" and family are the first ones to tell us all of the things we are doing wrong as new parents. Lets be honest, that new little bundle of joy didn't come...

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