The Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15

One of the many things we talk about in my Hypnobabies childbirth class in eating healthy during pregnancy. There are many things to consider when making food choices and among that list is choosing organic vs non-organic foods. Some of the reasons we would choose to...

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Baby's Cardinal Movements During Birth

Our bodies are designed perfectly to birth babies and make no mistake, it takes two to tango! Below is a wonderful video that demonstrated the "cardinal movements" or the movements that babies go through during the birth process. As you can see by the video, babies...

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Officially Dad Certified

I am SO HAPPY to announce that as of March 2014, I am "Dad Certified"! You may be thinking, "sounds awesome but what is dad certified"? Great Question but let me  start with a little story first.   There once was a guy who met a girl and they fell madly in love....

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5 simple things to do just for the fun of it!

For many of us (me included) we have a tendency to take life WAY to seriously! In my Hypnobabies classes as well as in my life, I us the mantra of "focus on what you want" or "where thought goes, energy flows" or even "thoughts become things" so why do we tend to...

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Tedtalks and Doulas!

I have a slight confession... I am a total geek and I LOVE Tedtalks! Here is a great video about my other love which is pregnancy, birth, babies, doulas and the like. In this talk, Ginny Phang talks about her life as a doula and why she loves her 'work'. Ginny talks...

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Compairing Hypnobabies and hypnobirthing

I've been a Hypnobabies instructor since 2007 and one of the most frequently asked questions I get is:   There are SO many choices for childbirth education available that you may be wondering which one to choose? or will it work? or what's the differences??? For...

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Thoughts are "catching"

So often in life, when we think about "catching something" we think about catching a cold or a flu but what if we could "catch so much more? What if our attitude was infectious? Well... it is. Most of us don't even realize that we are mirrors for what is going on...

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Staying Fit During Pregnancy

In Hypnobabies class 2, we learn about the importance of nutrition and exercise during pregnancy and the importance of staying healthy. We discuss nutritional guidelines, the importance of protein, avoiding harmful substances, prenatal positions, prenatal exercises...

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Family Centered Cesareans

So often, when we are preparing for a natural birth, we forget to look at the "what if's". For most moms, the thought of a c-section is utterly terrifying so it's good, no great to hear that there are other options. As much as we plan for and expect the best, there...

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Back to Basics

Today I had the experience that every parent dreads. I have been fortunate enough that in my 6.5 years of being a mom, I have never had to face this up until now and today, we were the ones carrying a screaming child out of a store. Yes, my son threw a fit in the...

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