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Are you looking for a complete childbirth class that you and your partner can attend in your own home?

Now you can attend a complete childbirth class in the comfort of your own home. You can complete the modules as quick or as slow as you need. Join our online support group for even more interation. We also have weekly live video calls so you can make sure all of your questions get answered. Some of the things you will learn in this amazing class include:

Mind and Body Preperation

We will learn how to prepair your body as well as your mind so you can have an easy peasy birth.

Relaxation Techniques

There are lots of different ways to relax. We will cover alot so you can pick which method works for you.

Audio Affirmation

Affirmations are like veggies for you mind and audio affirmations make it supper easy to get them in!

Stages of Labor

You will learn what to expect during your birth both emotionally and physically,

Hands on Practice

You and your birth partner will have plenty of time to practice things they can do to help you feel comfortable

60+ page workbook

You will get lots of handouts and checklists so you remember what you need when you need it.

Exclusive Features

Our Easy Peasy Childbirth class is unique because we teach the best of childbirth preparation and use the incredible power of your own mind! We focus on preparing couples for a birth through education, relaxation and hands on practice. This class is great for couples who are planning a natural birth and couples who are planning a medicated birth. Its wonderful for couples that want to be as educated about the process as possible. The live group class consists of 1-8 hour class and the online class contains 5 modules and 10 hours of instruction. The course fee includes a workbook, downloadable affirmations and scripts, and many handouts. Most couples prefer to take the class between 26 and 37 weeks in their pregnancy.

Birthing Techniques

Satisfied Students


Increased Confidence

Is this the right childbirth class for you?

Easy Peasy Childbirth is a complete childbirth preparation course that is ideal for couples wanting a natural or medicated birth and want to know the options available to them. In the first half of this 1 day class, we will cover:

  • pregnancy nutrition, exercise
  • the stages of labor
  • the emotional journey of birth
  • signs of birthing beginning
  • creating your ideal birth
  • how to write a birth plan
  • choices that may come up
  • mindfulness and how to practice and incorporate it for a successful birth

We will also have alot of hands on practice of comfort techniques and I will share a bunch of doula “tricks of the trade”.

* Please note, We must have a minimum number of students in this class. If the minimum is not met, we are happy to switch your registration to a private class or to any of our other classes.


I truly enjoyed the Easy Birthing Class. Stephanie has a real and relaxed approach that worked well with my learning style. She is very knowledgeable and know how to transfer that knowledge onto others. The takeaways provided during class have been (and will be!) incredibly helpful. I highly recommend this class!


Mom-to-be, Atlanta GA



This class was very informative, provided hands in practical tools, and answered all of my questions. Stephanie is definitely knowledgeable and passionate about birth. All of the comfort techniques and the stages of labor (including the emotional stages) were very helpful. This class is definitely worth it. You learn more that you expect going into it!


Mom-to-be, Atlanta GA



This class was very informative, fun and exactly what I was looking for! It helped me organizing my fears because every topic was covered. It is totally worth the money and money doesn’t matter when it comes to preparing for the most important job of my/our life!

Talbot and Eric

1st time parents, Cumming, GA



This class provided more methods to relax during childbirth and had good discussions about the process, expectations and coping. I really enjoyed the Bubble of Peace and the preparation. This class really helps to organize your thoughts. It was awesome and empowering!

mom to be

Pine Lake, GA

Still looking for more options?

1. Create your own class! Do you have a group of friends due at a similar time as you? Would you like to schedule an Easy Peasy Birthing Class at a time and place convenient to you? A minimum of three couples is required. If you bring together 4 couples, the host family will get their tuition at half price! If you bring together 5-6 couples, the host family will get their tuition at freeContact us for more information.

2. Schedule a private class. If these times or place just don’t work for you, or if you just have a crazy schedule, we also offer private classes where we come to you. Prices start at $399 (additional travel expenses may apply.)  Please call us to check availability.


Answers to Your Questions

Will this class work for me?

Like with anything in life, you will get out of it what you put into it. And if you finish the class and continue to practice the techniques, you will be amazed at how much easier your birthing will be.

How long will it take to complete this course?

You can complete this class in as little as 8 hours. You may want to take a few breaks in there to digest the information and this class can easily be finished in a weekend.

Do you accept insurance?

We do not work directly with any insurance companies but if you can use your HSA card as a debit card, you should be able to use it to pay for this class. Also, some insurance companies will offer reimbursements for childbirth classes. If you have further questions regarding insurance, please feel free to contact us directly.

How long will I have access to this course?

When you purchase this course, you will have full lifetime access. This includes any updates as new research is made available. You can also revisit this course for future pregnancies!

What if I’m planning a ______ birth?

Easy Peasy Birthing works great regardless of what type of birth you are planning. Many stuents have use these techniques susseccfully with medicated births, water births, hospital birth, VABC’s, home births, natural births, multiples and more. The techniques we teach work winderfully in a varoety of settings.

What will my partner be required to do?

Easy Peasy Birthing is especially helpful for birth partners. Usually our helpers love to learn about practical ways they can help mom during birth. A birth helper could be your husband, life partner, mother, sister, doula or best friend. These techniques can also be done sucessfully by single moms.

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