For many of us (me included) we have a tendency to take life WAY to seriously! In my Hypnobabies classes as well as in my life, I us the mantra of “focus on what you want” or “where thought goes, energy flows” or even “thoughts become things” so why do we tend to focus on all the serious stuff all the time??? There are lots of reasons and at the top of the list is because we are “adults”. I don’t know about you but some days I just don’t want to be the adult. I will worry about the bills and the trash and the (insert your worry here) tomorrow but today, I just want to have fun.

Recently I was talking with my mom and she said she feels like she takes life to seriously but she doesn’t know how to change. I have a little bit of an advantage over her because I have 2 amazing children that I can look to for inspiration. If you don’t have small children at arms reach, here are a few things you can do to bring a little more fun into your life:

1.Write in COLORIf I could write this post in crayon I would but… there are limitations to instant access to information.

2.  Move your body! – Have a dance breakout session, go for a run (if you enjoy that sort of thing), turn the music up and go for it!!! Here is a great video for a little inspiration!

3. Accessorize! – I will admit that I am a total girl. Lately I’ve gotten into a scarf addiction. Honestly it doesn’t matter what your  into just dress up a little, add a little flair to your outfit, wear socks that are just a little crazy, or a scarf that is just that perfect shade of green. It’s all about how you feel so who cares if it’s a little out there. When you feel good, you look amazing!

4. Laugh – My kids are in a joke telling phase right now. My 7 yo is actually pretty good at it. My 4 yo daughter on the other hand… lets just say the punchline is always “because it farted!” Find any way you can to add a little laughter into your life everyday, like this silly video:


5. Mix things up – As humans we are all creatures of habit, whether its putting on our shoes (I always do my right one first), taking a shower or driving to work the same way every day. Today, try something new!

Enjoy your journey!

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