I recently had the opportunity to have a henna piece drawn on my arm. What is henna you ask? Well, henna is an all natural substance derived from drying and grinding the leaves and stems of the henna tree. The powder is mixed to make a paste which is then applied to the skin. After the paste dries, it flakes off to reveal a temporary brownish, red, or orange design. Some people use henna in ritual skin painting, called Mehndi, for birth and marriage celebrations. Western cultures have adopted henna to make temporary tattoos and organic hair dye. The dye on the skin will last sometimes 2-3 weeks.

Gentle Journeys Birthing

I bring this up because henna is a beautiful way to celebrate your pregnancy. I just had a simple flower on my wrist but every time I looked down, it brought a smile to me face. The process of getting the henna is just as fun. You sit in a comfy chair, have a glass of tea, and watch the beautiful design unfold before you eyes. What a great way to pamper yourself during those that few weeks.
We are fortunate enough to have a great artists here in Atlanta: Talitha Seibel. You can check her out at http://talithaseibel.com

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