Sometime packing a hospital birth bag can be overwhelming but it doesn’t’ need to be. Here is a short list of some items to consider and please don’t feel like you need to pack everything on this list. Take what you like a leave the rest.  I recommend packing 2-3 small bags (a birth bag, a postpartum bag and a bag for baby). Each should be easy to carry (no bigger that a carry-on). Also, if you are taking electronics, consider taping a business card to it or just putting contact info on it somewhere. The nurses already have plenty so they would really like to return yours. 

For mom’s hospital birth bag:

– birth preferences
– bathrobe and your own clothes
– slippers or warm socks
– extra pillows
– “goodies” for the nurses
– hair bands
– lip moisturizer
– snacks (a nice variety)
– camera and charger/batteries
– mp3 player with music (and charger)
– aromatherapy
– plastic bag to put soiled clothes in
– birth ball
– laundry ball for massage
– personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, and brush)
– honey sticks
– have slip on shoes handy for the trip to the hospital


For birth partner’s hospital birth bag:

– change of clothes (including a swim suit even if you are not planning a water birth!)
– gum/mints
– snacks (nothing smelly)
– drinks
– handouts from your childbirth class
– loose change or small bills (for vending machine or parking)

For the car:

-blankets, towels, pillows
-birth ball (if mom is using this at home, bring it in the hospital when you get there. If she has not been using it, you can leave it in the car for later.)

For the new family’s postpartum bag:

– 1-2 changes of clothes
– socks or slippers
– light robe
– nursing bra and nursing pads
– personal toiletries (including sanitary pads)
– address book (names of people to call after the baby is here)
– car seat (stays in the car)
– baby blankets
– 2-3 baby outfits
– 2 pairs of socks and mittens for baby
– diapers and wipes if you would like to use something different that what the hospital supplies
– baby shampoo
– a pillow and/or blanket
– nursing pillow (boppy, breast friend)?
– personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, shampoo, soap, ect.)
Here is a video with some helpful tips. (It’s made in the UK so bear with the different language 😉

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