Hypnobabies Birth Videos

See Real Moms share their Hypnobabies Birth videos!

Do you want to have an enjoyable birth experience?

Do you want to give birth with joy and love and little or NO discomfort?

You Can!

70% of Hypnobabies Students experience NO PAIN during their birthing time!

See 2 REAL moms having Hypnobabies Births! (note: please turn your sound ON)

Here is a Hypno-Mom who took a Hypnobabies class actually using our wonderful hypno-anesthesia methods during her labor with baby # 3, a VBAC. You will see her at 9 cm, calm and comfortable, and she explains in a voice-over what she is experiencing!

Here is a Hypnobabies Mom who sings while having contractions during the home birth of her 10-lb. son. She used her Hypnosis to stay comfortable and you can barely tell when she has her contractions during the video (watch the eyebrows for the clue)!

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Hypnobabies is so easy, everyone can do it!

Stephanie Banguilan on ParentsRule Oct28.2010 Attachment Parenting

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