Hypnobabies Atlanta is a method of preparing for childbirth in a way that uses hypnotic techniques, guided imagery and visualization to train the inner mind to accept all of the positive and none of the negative. We teach you how to eliminate the fear-tension-pain cycle from the birthing experience as well as MANY other wonderful techniques. This is totally different from any other childbirth education class that is available today!

70-75% Women who report that they felt mostly pressure or tightening sensations. Most of these women describe their birthing as “pain-free”

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The amazing benefits of a Hypnobabies Birth:

  • Relaxed Mom and Birth Partner throughout pregnancy, labor and birth.
  • Shorter labors due to lack of resistance in the birthing muscles.
  • Fewer complications and interventions, as the body and mind stay completely relaxed and focused during labor
  • Proper positioning of baby during pregnancy and birth: Posterior and Breech babies can be turned with hypnosis!
  • Fewer drugs or no drugs at all, means less risk of harmful side effects for mother and baby.
  • Elimination of the Fear/Tension/Pain Syndrome
  • Easier recovery, with less pain, bleeding and “baby blues”
  • A Well trained and Confident birth partner, for great support

This is a very successful six-week complete childbirth education course. We teach the same hypno-anesthesia techniques used by people who undergo surgery with hypnosis as their only anesthesia using a method called “Eyes Open Childbirth Hypnosis”. This allows our moms to easily remaining deeply in hypnosis while walking, talking, changing positions and being as mobile as they would like to be during childbirth. The materials included with this course include: 7 CDs for mom, 1 CD for partner, workbook, handouts, 7 scripts, quick reference and more. You won’t find these techniques anywhere else.


Here’s a short video of an Atlanta mom using Hypnobabies for a comfortable home birth!


Course Materials

The Hypnobabies Course Materials you will receive in class are:

  • Your 166 page Hypnobabies workbook
  • 7 CDs for the Hypno-Mom
  • 1 CD for the Birth Partner
  • The Hypnobabies Quick Reference Guide for Labor
  • Techniques from the book “Back Labor No More”
  • The Birth Partners Guide Booklet
  • 5 Hypnobabies scripts in a spiral bound book
  • Your Perineal Massage Booklet
  • Your “Rights of Childbearing Women” booklet
  • 10 + Handouts

Course Content

In each class we cover important information on a range of topics regarding pregnancy and childbirth, parenting, breastfeeding, hypnosis tools and practice hypnosis sessions. Here is a brief overview of each class.

Class 1: Introduction to Hypnobabies:

In class 1 students are introduced to the Hypnobabies’ philosophy, the importance of and how to have a positive mindset. We will discuss: the power of words, belief systems, how your mind works, the mind/body connection, and what hypnosis is and ISN’T. Topics also include anatomy of pregnancy, learning hypnosis tools, partner communication and “The Contract of Trust”. We have 2 in-class hypnosis relaxation session called “Creating You Bubble of Peace” and “Learning Self-Hypnosis.”

Class 2: Staying Healthy and Low Risk:

In class 2 students learn about the importance of nutrition and exercise during pregnancy. We will discuss nutritional guidelines, the importance of protein, avoiding harmful substances, prenatal positions, prenatal exercises for birth preparation, and the importance of eggs. Topics also include natural comfort measures for pregnancy, using hypnosis for prenatal discomforts and an introduction to the stages of labor. We have an in-class hypnosis relaxation session called “Creating Anesthesia.”

Class 3: Your Options in Birthing:

In class 3 we will learn about the choices in childbirth and the importance of preparing for birth. We will discuss the decision making, informed consent, your rights as a patient, communication with your care providers, and common procedures in childbirth, their risks and natural alternatives. Topics also include creating a birth plan, packing your birth bag, the benefits of professional labor support and touring the place of birth. Our in-class hypnosis relaxation session called “Hypnotic Childbirth #1.”

Class 4: The Onset of Labor:

We will learn all about what happens when your birthing time begins in class 4. We will discuss: “due” dates (guess dates), preparing for your birthing-day, how to time contractions, true labor vs. “pre”-labor, comfort and relaxation during labor, and creating a peaceful environment for birth. Topics also include communication with nurses/ care providers, the progression of labor, optimal fetal positioning and using hypnosis tools “in the moment.” Our in-class hypnosis relaxation session for class 4 is called “Hypnotic Childbirth #2.”

Class 5: Birth Partners, Transformation and Birth:

Class 5 is dedicated to our wonderful birth partners. We will learn about the important role of the birth partner and about the stages of labor and pushing. We will discuss: birth partner support, partner’s verbal cues, the stages of labor and birth, mother-directed pushing, using hypnosis for pushing, and the placenta. Topics also include how doulas help the birth partner, the change of plans script and postpartum choices. We also have an in-class review of all of the hypnosis tools, inlcuding all cues we have been practicing.

Class # 6: Birthing Your Baby and Beyond:

In class 6, we will create a beautiful imagery of exactly what your birth will be like with our script “Visualize Your Birth”. We also have our birthing rehearsal where we will practice being in labor with positional changes, eyes-open hypnosis, and cues from the birth partner. We will also discuss newborn procedures, postpartum care, breastfeeding and parenting.

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