New Baby Checkup

Everyone know that a happy baby equals happy parents so why not stack the cards in your favor?

This checkup includes two in-home visits to review basic breastfeeding challenges / solutions AND easy-to-learn baby soothing techniques to keep you and baby calm. We will also sit with you and answer any and all questions you have relating to breastfeeding, new baby care, integrating a new baby into your family and give you practical advice from a professional and mom that’s ‘been there’.


You will receive two 1 hour long in-home visits! The first visit is to check on breastfeeding; positions, latch, troubleshooting, etc. You will be given a copy of The Happiest Baby DVD to watch before the second home visit, which is to review the fundamentals of the method and provide hands-on training of all the techniques. The second visit also allows time to resolve any lingering breastfeeding issues to make sure you have the happiest baby on the block.

You will be referred to a lactation specialist if there is a serious breastfeeding issue.


–                     $169.00

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