Atlanta Pregnancy and Birth Classes

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your ideal birthing experience and the best place to start is with quality, independent pregnancy and child birth classes. Pregnancy is a unique time in life so take this opportunity to educate yourself on how to create your ideal birth experience and find the services that fit your needs. Remember, if you don’t know what your options are, you really don’t have any.


We are constantly finding new ways to better serve our parents and families so here you will find a current list of our pregnancy, parenting and child birth classes. Please look around and click on the links below to get more information. Be sure to also check the schedule below for the perfect child birth class to fit your schedule. If you have any questions, just reach out. We look forward to traveling along your journey with you!

Are you looking for a way to have a comfortable and natural childbirth?
Do you want to give birth in joy and love and little or NO discomfort?


Hypnobabies is a method of preparing for childbirth in a way that uses hypnotic techniques, guided imagery and visualization to train the inner mind to accept all of the positive and none of the negative. We teach you how to eliminate the fear-tension-pain cycle from the birthing experience as well as MANY other wonderful techniques. This is totally different from any other childbirth education class that is available today!


Easy Birthing 1 Day Intensive
Are you looking for a one day unbiased childbirth class that will thoroughly prepare you for a natural childbirth?


Our Easy Birthing Childbirth Preparation course is unique in that we teach the best of natural childbirth, and use the incredible power of your own mind! We focus on preparing couples for a natural birth through education, relaxation and hands on practice Please call me with any questions after you and your birth partner have had a moment to read through my email.


The Dad's Toolbox for Birth

Birth partners can often feel left-out of the whole “baby birthing” process. This class is design just for you guys! In this three hour birth class we will learn how partners can help their woman before and during birth. This is a HAND’S ON class where will empower our birth partners to help mom feel good. Partners will leave class confident in their skills  to assist during birth and moms will learn to trust in their partners and themselves as they prepare for to give birth.


Breastfeeding / Newborn Care Combo
Now that you have taken (or signed up for) an amazing childbirth class, take the next step and prepare for feeding your new little one (no Bubble of Peace required). New mommies, mommies-to-be and their partners are all welcome to join this 3 hour complete breastfeeding class.


We will cover everything you need to know for your babies first few months of life including breastfeeding newborn care. Some of the topics we will cover include how to lay a good foundation, how breast-milk is made, good attachment and positioning techniques, your first few weeks and how to know if baby is getting enough to eat, common breastfeeding difficulties and how to avoid them, the partners role in the breastfeeding relationship and much more!


You're Pregnant! Now What???
Are you pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant?
Are you a little (or a lot) overwhelmed but all of the choices available?


Come join us for a full 3 hours where we will talk about nutrition and exercises, care provider choices here in Atlanta, and some of the prenatal testing that may be offered. We will also talk about keeping a positive frame of mind and why it’s so important. This class includes a folder full of colorful handouts, a pregnancy affirmations cd and a powerful meditation script. The class fee includes mom and the birth partner of her choice. (birth partners are not required.) Classes are held Decatur.


Cloth Diapering / Baby Wearing Combo

Have you ever wanted to learn more about cloth diapers and/or baby wearing.  Come out and find out what all the hype is about, what everyone is talking about, and meet other like minded parents and professionals. In this class we will talk about the basics or cloth diapers and baby wearing. We discuss the many pros (and the few cons) and how we can fit it into our modern lifestyle. We also learn the differences between slings, pouches, wraps, asian baby carriers, soft packs, constructed carriers, aio, ai2, pocket diapers, prefolds, fitted vs one size, Covers, Wraps and Soakers and MORE!

Click here to learn more and to register for this class.

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