Hot and cold rice pack


“I couldn’t have had a natural birth without this!”

Do you want to enjoy the soothing heat of a heating pad but don’t want o be stuck in one place tethered by a cord? Enjoy these beautiful reusable rice packs and get the benefits of a gentle heat AND aromatherapy. We can add a pleasant mixture of your choice of herbs to our rice packs so when they are heated, you get a calming bonus. Just a few minuets in the microwave and you will be taken to the wonderful world of bliss and relaxation. These beauties can also be kept in the freezer as cold packs too.


Having a few rice packs in our home is a must! They are wonderful to help calm a fussy baby, soothe sore muscles or bring relief from a chest cold. During pregnancy and birth, these are an invaluable tool! The weight of the rice pack offers comfort while the heat can help ease back labor. Just a few minutes in the microwave and your rice pack will stay warm for an hour or more. You can also warm them in a dry crockpot.

We have 2 sizes available. The small rice pack measures appx 5″ x 8″ and works great for little ones and smaller muscle aches. The larger size measures appx 8″ x 17″ which is the perfect size for those postpartum cramps or a stiff back. We can also add lavender or rose to your rice pack so each time its heated, you have the added benefit of aromatherapy!  Each pack is filled 2/3 full which gives the rice enough room to move around so that you can get it placed comfortably wherever you would like it.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

large 8″ x 17″, small 8" x 5"


grey, teal and grey, orange geometric, pink

Additional Herbs

lavender, rose, no additional herbs