Gentle Journeys Birthing offers the highest quality of Hypnobabies classes and doula services on the market today. Since 2008, Stephanie Banguilan has provided superior service to Atlanta families and has assisted them in achieving their goals of a gentle journey into parenthood. As the first Hypnobabies instructor in the Atlanta area, her experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best in the Atlanta area. Here is a little more about the team behind the name.

Stephanie Banguilan, HCHI, HCID, CLE, IPES

I’m Stephanie Banguilans and I’m the owner and founder of Gentle Journeys Birthing. (That’s me on the right.) I believe a company’s name says a lot about that business and I know that I found the perfect one for me. In my world, it’s all about the journey so why not enjoy it and make is as gentle as possible. I am a mother of 2 little ones (but don’t tell them that they are still little).  My son was born in March 2006 and it was the journey of his birth that started my on my true journey, my life’s calling. I am in a same-sex partnership and in the process of looking for a childbirth class, we were turned down for a few. At the time it was no big deal. We found another class that fit us better and moved on. We had a great hospital birth and after it was all over, I realized that there was still so much that we didn’t know/ learn. After our son was born I decided that no other mom or family should have to go through that so I made one of the best decisions of my life and decided to become a Hypnobabies childbirth educator. Shortly after that I became a certified birth doula so I could support these amazing families during their births. In October 2009, we welcomed our daughter into our family very fast and very peacefully in our home. I LOVE the process of pregnancy and birth and would do it a thousand times is I didn’t have to raise them all.  🙂 So for now, I live through the wonderful families I support.  Along with Hypnobabies classes and birth doula services, I also offer placenta encapsulation, baby wearing and cloth diapering classes, and I run an Attachment Parenting support group. I offer classes throughout the Atlanta metro area, currently in Decatur in Monday evenings, and Midtown or Tucker on weekends. For a current list of classes offered and the dates, please visit the schedule page.

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