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At Gentle Journeys, we know that choosing a childbirth class is a big decision and we want you to feel confident about your decision so here are a few testimonials from our past students and doula clients.


We attended Hypnobabies Monday three hour classes and Stephanie did a great job. We were skeptical at first about how the classes would help us but it proved to be fun, very educational and enjoyable… Stephanie was always upbeat and well informed about all aspects of birth.  We really appreciated that the course did not force us to think a certain way or adopt certain philosophies but instead provided us with tons of great information about pregnancy and about birth such that we could feel confident forming our own opinions and making our own decisions (along with our doctor) for birth.  I finished the course feeling more confident about the miracle of pregnancy and my body’s ability to achieve a wonderful birth.  I’m very appreciative to Stephanie for her commitment to her students and passion for the material (and also to my husband for attending every class with me!). I would definitely recommend this course and all of the doulas I’ve met through this course (Stephanie and Jenny).

Hypno-mom Sarah-Elizabeth  –  graduated 4/14


Stephanie offers an excellent Hypnobabies childbirth education course. Even though I had already given birth to two children, I learned a lot ! Her course is 6 weeks long, with a 3-hour class once per week. This allows plenty of home study/practice time in between. All the materials are included in the class. In addition to learning skills which will make childbirth easier, at the end of each class she does a relaxing hypnosis, so I always leave feeling refreshed. As an added bonus, she even provides healthy snacks!

While I only went for HypnoBabies classes, Stephanie also works as a doula and offers placenta encapsulation services. If you’re not already familiar with these two services and you are pregnant, do some research. I had a doula present for my second child and that made a huge difference in my birthing experience. I wish I would’ve known all the benefits of placenta encapsulation back then too.

student observer – 3/14


Stephanie is an excellent Doula. She is very knowledgeable in evidence based practice and shared her personal experiences with us as well. Her knowledge and relationships with providers helped me prepare for the birth experience I wanted and feel empowered to have it.

Stephanie made labor and delivery a smooth transition for my partner and I and she provided amazing support throughout as well as after.

She is caring, has an excellent personality and I feel like she gets along well with everyone which put me as much at ease as possible during labor and delivery.

I feel my birth experience and the support my partner provided would not have been the experience I wanted without Stephanie.

Hypno-mom Meaghan  –  graduated 11/13

After taking Hypnobabies with Stephanie, we decided to ask her to be the doula for our home birth. We loved her positive energy and willingness to answer questions anytime. Stephanie was invaluable to our birth experience. She was with us every step of the way providing encouragement and coping strategies. She helped my husband be the most supportive partner I could ask for. We could not have had the amazing birth we experienced without her assitance. We hope she will be part of our support team at all future births!

Hypno-mom Kristen –  graduated 7/13

 Stephanie was amazing! As she was both our hypnobabies instructor and our doula, we really had the opportunity to get to know each other before the birth of our baby girl.

Ours was a hospital birth and nothing went “according to plan.” With the help of Stephanie, my husband and I were able to work through every choice presented to find the best option for our family. Not only was she a wonderful advocate for our family, but she did so in a non-confrontational way, empowering us instead of warring with the hospital staff. She naturally and effortlessly put my mother and mother-in-law at easy, which allowed our whole family to enjoy the birth, as opposed to worrying about what would happen next. Stephanie worked tirelessly through our almost 24 hrs of labor and helped us deal with the emotional and physical aspects of having to have an unplanned c-section. During the time I spent laboring naturally, thanks to Stephanie, my hypnobabies training kicked in naturally and I was able to listen to and work with my body.

Finally, I cannot say enough about what a great support she was for my husband and my family. She was able to work seamlessly with my husband, never taking his place as primary supporter, but stepping in when he needed a break or when I needed some of her expert massage (her hands work miracles!!). I could not say enough great things about our experience with Stephanie, and I couldn’t imagine bringing a baby into this world without her by my side.

Hypno-mom Ana Maria  –  graduated 7/13


Stephanie was a wonderful doula for the birth of our daughter in July 2011. She was our hypnobabies instructor, and with the desire to go natural (waterbirth), my husband and I knew we needed someone else to be there to advocate for us.

I was induced 10 days past my due date. I checked into the hospital at 8 PM and went into labor sometime in the middle of the night. My husband phoned Stephanie to give her a progress report, and she arrived at the hospital early the next morning. It was a relief to see her! My labor was long and intense. Stephanie gave massages to help alleviate the back labor and coached me through deep breathing techniques and kept reminding me of my hypnobabies cues. She also gave my husband support as she knew he was becoming emotional as well.

Due to hospital policy, I wasn’t allowed to get into the tub for a water birth, and I ended up getting an epidural when it came time to push, because of the pain. Naturally, Stephanie tried to encourage me to continue going natural, (because she knew that is what I wanted), but I was so physically drained at that point, I just ‘caved.’  But my daughter was finally born a few hours later just after 10 PM! Stephanie also helped me out with breastfeeding. She also took some wonderful pictures and video of my daughter’s first few minutes of life as she was getting cleaned up (my daughter had to be wisked away immediately after being born because she swallowed meconium – so I didn’t miss out!).

About a week later, Stephanie stopped by the house (with a homemade meal) to check on us as a new family and to talk about the birth. I had been depressed because I was so sad that my all-natural water birth plan did not pan out. Stephanie provided tremendous support and encouragement saying that sometimes these things happen beyond our control and we have to trust in all things. She told me I would find my power as a mother and as someone who gave birth…and I did!

Hypno-mom Sabrina –  graduated 5/2012


Stephanie is kind, caring and down to earth. She has a wonderful demeanor and sensitivity for teaching a class about childbirth. She does a wonderful job incorporating a multitude of information for such a multifaceted event. Our doula referred us to Stephanie as  our Hypnobabies instructor. After working with Stephanie for 6 weeks we know Stephanie would be an excelent doula to have by your side during birthing time (labor). Her personality and demeanor are what’s needed during such an important time. We recommend Stephani eand Gentle Journeys as a valuable resource in Atlanta’s birthing community! She is both strong and comforting, there is no better combination.

Hypno-mom Molly – graduated 2/2012


Our instructor, Stephanie Banguilan made this very informative class very enjoyable. Her energy levels are great and she is very passionate and encouraging about hypnosis and natural births! She has experience using Hypnobabies for herself and is able to give real world examples regarding the effectiveness of the class. Needless to say, I’m looking forward to my birthing time due to the knowledge gained from this class.

Hypno-mom Rashonda – graduated 5/2011


I would recommend Hypnobabies to anyone and everyone. I started the class with a fear of the hospitals, doctors, and medical procedures in general due to a past traumatic experience. Hypnobabies gave the the information about all of my options in childbirth which helped me feel informed and powerful and leff afraid of something happening to me without my consent. The scripts taught me to relax and focus on the positive which has played a big role in boosting my confidence about my birthing time. The best part is that the Hypnobabies tools will be useful for the rest of my life, not just during my birthing time.

Hypno-mom – graduated June 2011


The Hypnobabies Deepening Hypnosis CD made our transition from early labor to active labor seamless.

Hypno-mom – graduated June 2011

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