I have a slight confession… I am a total geek and I LOVE Tedtalks! Here is a great video about my other love which is pregnancy, birth, babies, doulas and the like. In this talk, Ginny Phang talks about her life as a doula and why she loves her ‘work’.

Ginny talks about her 3 keys to a short and easy birth: 1. have a birth plan, 2. be prepared/ release your fears and 3. have a supportive birth team (including doctors/midwives, birth partner, and a doula). The cool part is that we talk about all of these important topics in my Hypnobabies class. If you are a current Hypnobabies student, you might want to use your Bubble of Peace because she uses some of the traditional birth wording. Once again, it’s well worth 20 minutes!

Enjoy your journey!


ps – if you like Tedtalks too, check out this blog: http://gentlejourneysbirthing.com/back-to-basics/

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