So often in life, when we think about “catching something” we think about catching a cold or a flu but what if we could “catch so much more? What if our attitude was infectious? Well… it is. Most of us don’t even realize that we are mirrors for what is going on around us. If someone comes at us very angry and starts making demands, most of us will immediately put up an emotional wall and eventually throw that negativity back at someone or something else. The reverse is true too.

If a stranger ahead of us pays our toll in the toll booth or a friend tells us how great we look today, we are likely to do the same for someone else. In my Hypnobabies classes we talk about just that. What are the thoughts and feeling we are focusing on and is that really something I want to see back at me??? My question for you today is “What are you spreading?” Are you focusing on the lack of money because it’s time to pay the bills, or are you feeling so grateful that you have the money to pay those bills (even if its just a few of them)? Are you thinking about the moron who cut you off this morning on the highway or how you safety made it to your destination again!

One of the things that I am teaching my kids is “you control you”. You may not be able to control the not-so-safe drivers but you can choose how you feel about it but I’m getting ahead of myself. šŸ˜‰ Step one is to pay attention to your thoughts. Play around with it and see just how much happiness you can spread! Here is a great video that illustrated just how contagious our thoughts and feeling really are!

Enjoy your journey!!!

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